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Film / Video Editing




Classes / Training

David provides clients worldwide with remote video editing services from his Cambodia-based office | Documentary promo video for international NGO. Screened at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva | Cinematographer & Editor: David Rivera | Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Film &
Video Editing

Deliver your message successfully

with superior Film & Video Editing solutions
that make your content stronger and engaging.

Features / Included
  • Expert consulting
  • Assets backup, organization & optimization
  • Audio & video synchronization
  • Footage curation
  • Video editing
  • Revisions
  • Full-resolution, high-quality Master file
  • XML / project file for advanced finishing

Business Projects

1 Week$400 $320 | $40/hr
2 Weeks$375 $300 | $37.5/hr
3 Weeks$338 $270 | $33.8/hr
4 Weeks+$300 $240 | $30/hr

Non-Profit / Indie

1 Week$300 $240 | $30/hr
2 Weeks$288 $230 | $28.8/hr
3 Weeks$275 $220 | $27.5/hr
4 Weeks+$250 $200 | $25/hr

Rates are per work day. Promotional price for limited time only. Conditions apply. See Offer details below.



In the Life of Music - Narrative feature film. Cambodia's official selection to the 2020 Oscars awards. Cinematographer: David D. Rivera Rojas. Co-directed by Caylee So and Sok Visal | Phnom Penh, Cambodia


Get the right images
for your unique story

with a professional Director of Photography that helps you connect with your audience emotionally.

Features / Included
  • Visual language creation
  • Shot list
  • 1 day of pre-production*
  • Location & tech scouts
  • Equipment advice
  • ½ day of color grading supervision*

* For every day of production.

Business Projects

1 Day$625 $500
2 Days$600 $480
3 Days$575 $460
4 Days$525 $420
5 Days+$450 $360

Non-Profit / Indie

1 Day$500 $400
2 Days$475 $380
3 Days$450 $360
4 Days$400 $320
5 Days+$325 $260

Rates are per shoot day. Promotional price for limited time only. Conditions apply. See Offer details below.



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  • All prices are in United States Dollar. Taxes not included.
  • Volume discounts apply when booking more than one day (production) or one week (post-production) within a 30-day period, depending on the number of bookings placed in such period.
  • Discounts (by volume or other type) will be applied to on-time payments only. You must follow / like my Facebook Page, Google My Business and Instagram accounts in order to get any discount. Reviews / Recommendations must be public.
  • Regular payment schedule is: 50% to book and 50% no later than 3 days upon production wrap or service delivery.
  • Maximum combined discounts may not exceed 20% Off the regular rate. Information might change without prior notice.
  • Discounts may not apply for some services or products under certain circumstances.
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